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Normally, it takes just a few days to get your tax return prepared, providing you've provided us with all of the documents and information we need. Keep in mind that tax laws change every year, so you may be ask to provide some information that you didn't provide in previous years.

Typically a normal "short form" 1040 return costs you about $60.00 for the completed forms. If we offer other services in addition to the normal "short form" there may be additional charges. However, you will always know before we initiate anything that will cost more we ask you. No surprises from us. In fact, your initial consultation is free.

Additional tax documents that you may require such as a shedule "C" or other similar forms will add additional fees to your tax return. A typical Schedule "C" added to a 1040 normally averages around $80.00.

We also offer a feature to your yearly tax forms called "Assisted Refund". Ths program allows to you get your taxed completed and filed on time without paying our fees up front. Our fee to complete your taxes is deducted from your refund when the refund arrives. This is a program where your tax refund check comes to us first. Then, we deduct the fees you owe us and give your the balance of your refund. It's very simply and costs you a very small amount.

So, before you spend a fortune on extremely high rates at a national tax service let us give you a quote first. You won't be sorry that you did ... we can save you a lot of money every year.



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